Jesus as Fully Human

I effectively worried myself into sickness. Have you ever done this? I was never blessed with children, but those of you that have them undoubtedly know this sensation. For me, I have been concerned about my own family and my husband’s family. Ahh, worry affects so many things in our system, from blood pressure to anxiety. Jesus told us not to worry, but that is much easier said than done.

This is Holy Week, the week that covers the Passion of Christ. It is interesting for me to imagine what it was like in Jesus’ day; the difficulty of everyday life and the trials that faced everyone. Did Jesus worry and even cry? The Bible most certainly reveals that this is true. Jesus’ reaction to Lazarus’ death is especially revealing. He was overcome with despair.

There are effective mental exercises that people can do to decrease their worrisome nature. I have found some effective for me. During this Holy Week, we need to remember that Jesus came to us as God, but also as a fully formed Human. As the week Unfolds, we will experience, once again, His days of trial and crucifixion. His completely human being was the most wonderful gift to us.

I hope that you find this Holy Week fruitful and life changing. We probably all tend to worry too much, but we know that Jesus also experienced worry during his life. He showed us what love truly is.

Lord, help us to put aside our very real abilities to worry and listen attentively to the events of this Holy Week. Jesus has saved us. What jubilation, Lord! Thank you, God Almighty for your Son and our salvation. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

1 thought on “Jesus as Fully Human

  1. Beverly Butler April 6, 2023 — 1:35 am

    Yes, I, too, have worried myself into sickness at times! Thanks be to God for Jesus who understands and is here to help us every day.


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