And the Word Became Flesh

So much anticipation ’til Christmas. So much waiting. Everyone in such a hurry to get to their destinations. So many weather problems. It’s Christmas Eve, and, if you live on a farm in the Midwest, you’re probably doing what we are – digging out from a large snowstorm.

After a wonderful dinner, we’re shoveling, moving snow. What does this have to do with a little Savior? Absolutely everything! Because of this birth, God becomes flesh in the form of a little boy. He wants us to be an integral part of the world, to participate in it, relish it, love it, live fully in it.

God’s promise to us of a Messiah has come true. For us, we celebrate tonight, in a small church in the country.

The Savior comes! Glory, hallelujah! The Messiah, promised to everyone in the Old Testament, lives! Praise to the Lord! The shepherds, fearful, excited…spreading the news. The downtrodden uplifted. God is with us in the flesh, in a baby. God with us!! Always and forever!

The ‘Word’ in the flesh, as a baby born in a manger. We will never be alone. You may be an individual, but God is always with you, a part of your soul.

When we tap into this monstrous Love, we live fully.

Glory be to God on high!

2 thoughts on “And the Word Became Flesh

  1. Thank you for your words of inspiration, and the affirmation of God’s love for us by becoming human, entering our world as a baby. May God’s peace fill all of our hearts.


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