You are Loved

Father Richard Rohr had an important message a week ago Sunday. The message was quite direct and simple, yet powerful in its delivery. “The message of ‘Good News’ is this: You are loved. You are unique. You are free. You are on the way. You are going somewhere. Your life has meaning.” We are saved.

Through God’s unconditional love, we all play a role in the fabric of life. At this ending of Independence Day weekend, to read these words reinforce God’s love and His design for all of us. We are His. We all have a role to fulfill in this wonderful world.

Lord, thank you for your all-encompassing love and your constant desire to allow us to fulfill important roles in our individual and collective worlds. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

2 thoughts on “You are Loved

  1. Beverly Butler July 5, 2021 — 8:13 pm

    To accept this love of God for us is the beginning. To live out this Love of God is our life’s calling. Thank you, Sarah!


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