Serving the Lord

In our home, we have a wall hanging that says, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). What are our callings to serve the Lord, everyone?

Pastor Kevin Jones, in his sermon today, said that “none of us are called to the same discipleship”. How true, our callings are diverse and individual. A hymn in the service said it well: we are called to serve one another, we are called to be the light, hope for the hopeless, to love tenderly, walk humbly with God. And the possible callings do not cease.

For many of us, our callings change over time. Barbara Brown Taylor, in “Leaving Church”, felt called to the ministry. Finally, she felt called to leave the ministry. Ah, yes, as we mature, we all change, and that can lead to a life-changing calling. From a tomboy that could not get enough of horses, to a woman with a desire to pursue and advance her career, to a woman that gladly serves the Lord through her love —in all sorts of ways, my callings have changed many, many times.

Our life this past year has forced many to become a bit introspective. Perhaps this time has allowed us to determine our callings more completely. Whatever the time this past year has given to you, I hope that we can spread these callings to others more completely this year.

Lord, thank you for wanting us to assist you in your creation. Help us to better discern our callings of service to you. And thank you, Lord, for gladly allowing us to lean on you for support. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

4 thoughts on “Serving the Lord

  1. Wow! I, too, was struck by Pastor Kevin’s naming of our unique paths of discipleship. Your comments, Sarah, connect to the Gospel reading for Feb. 7: Mark 1:29-39. Jesus heals many people, and they flock to him. The disciples search for him the next morning because more people have arrived in search of healing. Jesus, who left the house where he had been sleeping (or maybe he couldn’t sleep), had gone to a deserted place to pray. In that time of prayer he discerned that his calling is to go to other towns to preach the good news of God’s reign. His time was short–three yeas. So is ours (no matter how long, it is all relatively short), so it is for each of us to discern God’s calling for us at each phase of our life. Thank you, Sarah, for your words of comfort and of calling–they are intertwined, aren’t they?!


    1. Thank you, Beverly, for your message.


  2. I love this Sarah! I also preached today about answering Christ’s call to discipleship and how it is different for every one of us, about how we all are called at sometime in our life to 1 or more ways of discipleship. God knows who he needs for every task in building the kingdom.

    I hope you and Mike are doing well. We will once again be having inside church services beginning Feb. 7th. Please come back when you feel safe & comfortable. I and many others will be happy to see you both.

    Thanks again for these wonderful words! Blessings, Pastor Sue

    Pastor Sur


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