Jesus Christ is Born!

My husband and I delivered mostly homemade packages to friends and relatives the other day; leaving the packages on doorsteps. They were readily opened. All of us seem to be grabbing for pleasure and joy. In this pandemic-filled world of today, we are all looking for the promise of the Christ child. The hope of this child, coming to us in so much need, is apparent.

So, “Go tell it on the mountain, Over the hills and everywhere; Go tell it on the mountain That Jesus Christ is born!” (John W. Work, Jr.)

The little babe in the manger is with us. God is with us in his Son, Jesus Christ! The world is forever changed!

How wonderul for us that this year at Christmas, we not only can celebrate the arrival of the Christ child; we can also lean on the newborn for hope of a future world that’s Covid-free. We all seem to be needing the arrival of this Son of God: we all need the Good News.

So shout it from the plains, the mountains, the cities – Jesus Christ is born!

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