A Certain Age

Yesterday, I became a lady of a “certain age”. Ah well, it was great fun! Aren’t we supposed to become wiser as we age? Well, Job mocked his elders in Job 12:12.

“Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?”

Maybe Job wouldn’t find me any wiser than his elders, either, I’m not going to try to figure that out.

I do know that, throughout my life, I have known an abundance of wise individuals, and that these people have helped me understand my Lord and brought me such pleasure and love. And, I do believe that these encounters, positive and negative, have resulted in a wiser spirit that I find in me.

So, Lord, thank you for my ups and even my downs. Thank you for my spirit which continues to develop in this life that I call an adventure.

Lord, help us to always express gratitude to you for the life we have lived in your presence. Guide us, Lord, to make solid decisions for the rest of our lives. And Lord, perhaps the adventure could give us a break once in a while? Amen.

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