Jubilation and Passion

Palm Sunday is this Sunday, and the texts are filled with the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  The triumph of Palm Sunday soon turns into the Passion of Christ.  St. Luke’s passion story accounts a variety of very human responses to Jesus – from love, jubilation, followed by violence and hate.

Throughout this story that turns into hardness of the heart, God remains constant by showing his willingness for mercy.  God, even through this story, is working for good.

At the Last Supper, Jesus is the servant for  his disciples, washing their feet.  He models love even in the face of the sacrifice that he knows he must endure.  As the suffering servant, even on the cross, he petitions God to forgive us – truly a showing of his love and mercy for all.  This Christ and God that we dwell with are truly miraculous to love us who are so fraught with faults and troubles.

Holy One, who sent us His Son to die for us for the forgiveness of our sins, please hold us firmly in your grasp as we live through Holy Week.  Help us appreciate even more your great love and mercy for us.  Amen.

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