Expressions of Faith

Faith is lived out so many ways.  My grandfather Christopher was a devout Lutheran and also enjoyed the revival tent meetings that came to his small town of Radcliffe, Iowa.  One of my brothers likes to build small churches where he lives.  One of the ways I express my faith is through my sewing; reaching out to others through quilts and other projects.  Lots of times we don’t even know why we’re moved to do things, but certain things speak to us and move us.  This is truly one of the mysteries of faith.  As we develop in our faith, we want to express it to the world.

Martin Luther tells us that faith and works go hand in hand.  It is through these good works that we express our love to the world.  In the Gospel of John, Jesus tells us “that anyone who has faith will do what I have been doing” (John 14:12).  In other words, spreading God’s love.

Many people influence our faith.  The faith expressed by my grandfather helped to develop my faith.  My brother’s unusual expression of his faith shines for all to see.  My outreach through my sewing hopefully spreads love to those receiving my gifts.

Everyone expresses their faith in different ways by reaching out.  We all have God-given talents; we just must discover them.  What a great day to think of your gifts from God and share them to the world.

2 thoughts on “Expressions of Faith

  1. Sarah, you expressed my feelings exactly. I feel and see your love through your quilts!
    it is faith made manifest.

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    1. Thank you, Dawn – it is a true expression of my love.


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