Beginning of Lent

Lent is a time for reflection, prayer, spiritual discipline, fasting, and renewal with the Lord.  Prayer is definitely a part of my tradition.  Through prayer, I become closer to God through conversation and connection with the Holy One.  Sometimes this prayer results in an indication of action, and this has been the case for me.  Next week, I’m going to meet with the volunteer coordinator for Crisis Intervention, to see where I could be of help.

God calls us to be in relationship with people who are different from us, and, through these relationships, we become closer to the Lord.  Jesus thrived in an environment of meeting with individuals that were different from He:  tax collectors, the sick, women of questionable character, even murderers.  Perhaps this Lent is the year for me to add something to my life and to hopefully, help people who have been marginalized by society; experience their needs, to be in relationship with them – and thereby become closer to God.  Jesus told us to “love one another as yourself” (Matt. 19:18).  That will be my intent.

Everyone has their own callings.  All we can do is listen – God will let you know what they are.

Lord, help us listen for your voice.  Lead us ever closer to you as we follow your desires for us in this life.  Amen.


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