Today is a beautiful, sunny, yet cold God-given day, and I just had to take this picture of our front yard where the snow is the scenery and the news.  When much of the Midwest was stalled in the wake of a huge blizzard this past weekend, I was reminded of the words of the wonderful Christmas carol, “In the Bleak Mid-Winter”.  While it’s liturgically not the season for this, it certainly has been appropriate for our area.

As I watched the snow blow and fall, I thought about snowflakes or snow crystals, and how they vary largely in their shape.  All snow crystals are six-sided and show themselves in either the form that we consider snowflakes, or they are columnar.  While this might seem trivial, it has always been a source of wonder for me.  How can this be that snowflakes come in such myriad shapes?

I can only respond by thinking of our wonderful and mysterious God.  In Genesis 1:31, it states that “God saw everything he had made: It was supremely good.”  Our Designer was concerned about the details.  Amazing!  During this time when much of the country is still digging out from under the huge storm, how about spending a little time thinking about the wonder of this snow.  The “detail” of it.  What kind of a Lord do we have that would care so much about the detail of a snowflake?

This Lord cares for a snowflake; imagine how much He cares for you, a living, breathing individual.  An individual made in His Image, yet unique.  Wow.

Lord, thank you for your creation, and for your creation of me, a person who is part of your plan.  And Lord, please protect us from these wonderful snowflakes that have come together as drifts.  Amen.

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  1. So very true! Beautifully stated Sarah!!


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