Fishers of Men

In Mark 1:14-20, Jesus tells some of his future disciples to follow him and be “fishers of men”.  He had been conveying “the good news of God” in Galilee by that time, and many scholars believe some of the disciples he approached by the Sea of Galilee had already seen and heard him.  To drop everything and follow him is startling to us as 20th century people.  However, the future disciples were awaiting the emergence of the Messiah and were eager to follow.

In our own lives as followers of Christ, are we eager to follow?  Are we eager to spread the good news?  Are we eager to invite others to our churches to participate?  We are called to spread the good news to others – even if we find that difficult.  I personally find it difficult most of the time.  We’re so concerned with turning off people, it seems impossible to find the appropriate time to approach people about God and Jesus.  It’s just a lot easier to stay in our cocoons.

Lord, help us spread your good news to others, and show us the best way to accomplish your will in everything we do, and in all our dealings with others.

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