In approaching Advent in a spirit of gratitude, then, we can easily recount blessings we have received.  But what about the blessings that, at the moment, appear as unwelcome intrusions?  God works in us in different ways and things happen that don’t feel like blessings.

For instance, Mary was asked in a most unusual way to serve God.  It must have been a very troubling time for her.  She had agreed to bear a child in a world that could have stoned her to death.  Was this a blessing for her?  She had only her faith to hold on to.

In this time of Advent, we wait for the Son of God.  What an unbelievable blessing to the world!  And God started it all with a lowly virgin changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.  The blessing transformed the world forever, and, for a while, may not have seemed like a wonderful blessing to Mary and Joseph.  That is faith!


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