Book Publication

Very soon, my first book, God’s Earthly Blessings, will be published.  What a thrilling time for me!  As it is being readied, I am overcome with the goodness of God and His never-ending presence in my life.

It has been a protracted process.  Started over two years ago; first, as errant, wandering thoughts in my brain, and eventually as snippets written in a little notebook kept in my purse,  the idea flowed and flowered as I wrote.  Through many revisions, it took form as a book announcing God’s presence in everything in this world, and God’s personal and undying love for every one of us.

It is with delight and thankfulness that I publish this book, and I look forward to its release before the end of the month!  I will keep everyone posted on its release.  Thanks so much for your encouragement over this book.  May God be with all of you this upcoming week.

3 thoughts on “Book Publication

  1. Thanks so much for creating this blog. Alhough I have known you for many years, I am learning new things about you. I am looking forward to your book coming out so I can share with my grandchildren.


  2. Luann Engels-Hepker November 16, 2018 — 5:59 pm

    Very exciting!! Congratulations!!


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