As children, many of us learned the “proper” way to pray.  With hands folded, our mother or father taught us to talk with God.  When we were very young, we probably asked God to bless those that we loved.  How has prayer changed as you have gotten older?

Do you still ask the Lord to bless those that you love?  Do you ask God to support family and friends that may be going through a difficult time?  Do you find yourself talking a lot more to God? – perhaps in petitions to assist you individually in your everyday life?

In Matthew 21:22, Jesus told the disciples that, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”.  My, but the power of prayer was elevated to an immense position in our lives!  Pray heartily, and let God know your inner needs.  God will meet you in prayer wherever you are – you just need to open your heart.  So bless your family and friends, petition God, and let the Lord lead you into deeper types of prayer.

With a heart that opens in God’s loving arms, you will find peace and solace.  Listen to God as you receive His response, and allow God to lead you into His deeper presence.  I will occasionally write about prayer, and at times, different types of prayer.  Hopefully, learning about different types will assist you in your desire to become closer to God through prayer.

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