The Wonderful Blessing of my Brothers

The blessings of a close family is a true gift from God.  When one of my brothers visited this week from Colorado for a few days, it was wonderful.  I have three older brothers and we are all close.  Growing up in a closely knit, Christian, and loving family gave me the opportunity to blossom in an environment of bounteous love.

Through that, we quickly learned the kind of love that God and Jesus have for us.  As the recipient of some rough-housing as a child, I always knew my brothers loved me and would protect me.  And that comforting knowledge is still with me today.  In James Bryan Smith’s Book, The Good and Beautiful God, he states that “the New Testament reveals a God who is pulsing with goodness and power and love and beauty.”  It was my amazing good fortune to be born into this type of family.

My brothers continually show me the love of God and Jesus.  I am truly blessed!  Their undying love for me allows me to share my love with others.  Jesus told us to “Love your neighbors as yourself”. (Matt. 22:37)  Because of my brothers and parents, I am able to lovingly reach out to others.  Blessed be my brothers and family.  Thank you, God, for this wondrous blessing!


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